Here are Additional App to Make Your Whatsapp App More Cool and Unique!

It has become a daily meal of the Whatsapp App for us to communicate. Moreover, light storage and very fast for us to communicate only requires a smooth network that can send messages in less than 1 second to the recipient of the message.

Application Whatsapp

But did you know that behind this sophistication, there are additional features to make your Whatsapp App cooler and more interesting. Before you read this, let’s look at the discussion regarding the 2020 WhatsApp App update to 2021.

Oh yes, one more thing, the additional App for Whatsapp that you are looking for, we will discuss it at number 3. Before that, we will discuss the advantages and the latest features that you can get after updating the Wa Affiliation.

For those of you who can’t wait to find out what these additional App are. You can immediately see it at number 3 yaa…

Advantages of Update Whatsapp App 2021

Maybe you have experienced the update about this WhatsApp App. There may even be some of you who don’t update at all but have a different look than usual.

Yes, it is true. The thing that you can feel for the first time when Whatsapp is updating this App is a new look and we think the display is pretty cool huh .. So what do you think?? those who haven’t updated Whatsapp, please update it first, later you will know the unique advantages hehe. But we will also discuss why here.

New Features Obtained From Update Whatsapp App 2021

Okay, here are the latest features that you can feel after you update your Whatsapp App. here’s the list..

New Look Whatsapp App

Yes.. that is the main thing that will be updated by whatsapp. Because user convenience when using the App is the main thing for you when you are using the Wa Affiliation.

Not only that, the convenience you get can increase you to like more and make you often feel comfortable when using the Whatsapp App to communicate.

Sending One View Image

The next advantage after you update whatsapp is that you can send pictures to someone, it’s up to who you are, you can provide settings for one look. And you can only see if you have updated your whatsapp.

Chat Archive

Well, this is probably what some WhatsApp users like after updating.

Because when you have updated, the chats that you have archived will no longer appear on the first page of WhatsApp. So you won’t be disturbed, and when you want to read the chat you can just click the “Chat Archive” button. Try it for those of you who don’t like to be disturbed, this feature is very suitable hehe.

Mute Chat Or Mute Notifications

Whatsapp App

Another interesting feature is the mute chat feature for someone who doesn’t want to interfere with activities when you use the Whatsapp App . Indeed, this feature has been around for a long time and many people already know about it.

But the feature can only mute messages from 1 hour, 3 hours, 8 hours and one day. If you have updated to the latest WhatsApp. Then there will be one more addition, which is mute forever. So you can do activities without any chatter from people or telephone.

Maybe that’s what we think is the coolest and coolest feature that you can get after updating the Whatsapp App . Actually there are many more advantages and other interesting features. But maybe you can’t wait for the additional App you’re looking for xixixi.

Okay.. here is a list of additional App that can make your whatsapp cool and cool, and number 3 is an additional App that you really need. What’s the App ?? take a look first, who’s patient, hehe.

#1 Status Saver – App For Whatsapp

The additional app that we recommend the most is the status saver app. We are confused about explaining the advantages of this App , because we have tried and installed it and were surprised by the results.

It turns out that many do not know about this one App , or maybe you already know? This status saver App is perfect for you to combine with the Whatsapp App .

The advantages of this App are many. Here’s the list.

You can see messages from senders that have been deleted
You can save videos from people’s status/story without asking

These 2 advantages are most often sought after by many WhatsApp users. You can install and prove yourself the advantages of the App . Because we have tried and were surprised by the advanced features in it.

#2 Personal Sticker For Whatsapp

Another cool and no less unique App is Personal Sticker For Whatsapp, Not only downloading the stickers that have been provided by WhatsApp, it turns out that you can also make funny stickers either from your own picture and you edit it as funny as possible or other people’s pictures. But be careful if you get angry hehehe.

The Personal Sticker For Whatsapp App is an additional App that you can use to upload any photo and you can turn it into a sticker. So it’s really suitable for those of you who like to collect various kinds of stickers, hihi.

Moreover, your own picture who knows someone else likes and is used by others, but don’t overdo it…

OK, proceed to the next additional App . This is the app you’ve been waiting for. Or are you heading straight here? Wow, that’s really bad even though we’ve explained some of the advantages of WhatsApp after you update it…

#3 Whats Web – App For Whatsapp

Whats web app is a very unique add-on app and we think it’s really cool. Because the features in it that you can use and run are very sophisticated compared to other App .

How not sophisticated, if you can see and control someone’s chat only through this additional App . Anyway, the features are really good, you can try it yourself and install the App .

For the link to install the App , you can download it directly here. Or you can download via the Play Store or App store. Moreover, the App is free, for those of you who are curious, just download the App .

How interesting is not an additional App for whatsapp that we have discussed ??

That’s the article that we want to convey about the Whatsapp App , hopefully it will be useful and can add to your insight about the unique App that you can install and combine with WhatsApp.

If you think this article is helpful, you can share it with your friends so that others know that there are additional App that can add to the cool Whatsapp App . So and see you in the next article….

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