List of the Best Camera Apps You Must Try Now!

Your default cellphone camera application is bad? Or even lack of lighting or often do not focus on the intended object? Don’t worry, we have good information and solutions for you photo lovers but your cellphone camera doesn’t meet the requirements.

Here are the best camera apps in the world what you’re looking for.

As you already know, in today’s era technology has developed more rapidly than anything. Not infrequently a lot of new applications that appear every day even once an hour there are other new applications.

Putting that aside, we will discuss various Good Camera Applications that you must use, if you are a photographer then the article you are reading is the most suitable and very helpful for the information you are looking for. Moreover, there is a bonus one application that almost not everyone knows about.

And maybe the app is the thing you’ve been looking for all this time. Hey, I’m curious about the application.. Don’t be in a hurry, we will discuss first about the Good Camera Application that you can use to take pictures of landscapes or spots that you think are cool.

But it’s okay for those of you who can’t wait to find out the application you are looking for, we have discussed it at number 4 so for those who want to find information about Good Camera Applications, please see the explanation.

Best Camera

Best Camera App For Samsung ?

Aaah, again, the Samsung cellphone is the highlight of the best camera. Hehe, that’s not what we meant. But don’t worry, there are also many other branded cellphones that are better than this Samsung camera.

The reason is that there are many cellphones out there that frequently update their advantages, it could be better than this Samsung cellphone.. Indeed, for a high class cellphone, a number of camera features that are provided are really great, which of course cannot be found easily on cellphones. other.

Because every cellphone has its advantages and disadvantages. So for those of you who are not Samsung mobile users, don’t be discouraged, we will provide some good camera applications that you can install and try for yourself.

Here are some lists of the best camera applications in the world that you can install!

#1 Google Camera/ Gcam Mod – Great Camera App

The first Best Camera application is Google Camera, the application is an official application made by Google, and you can use it to take cool moments according to you. Not only that, the Google camera application also has advantages, namely HDR and 360-degree photosphere settings.

For the results of the catch that you use through the google camera application, this is quite clear and no less clear than the existing Best Camera Apk. But the disappointing thing about these devices is that not all cellphones can support the existing system.

Cool Camera Information From Google Camera:

  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Launching: December 26, 2013
  • Last update: December 6, 2019
  • Size: 115.77 Mb

Features and Advantages of the Good Camera Application Google Camera

  • Maximum Shot: this feature is a feature that you rarely find in the many recommended Best Camera Applications. Because
  • this feature is a feature that maximizes the images that have been taken.
  • HDR+: This second feature is the main favorite feature for those of you who like clear and not blurry shots
  • Amazing Res Zoom: This is a feature that exists and helps to make the sketch sharper when zoomed in without blurring.
  • Google Lens Suggestion: This is the best favorite feature that the Google Camera application has, the camera is a feature that functions to scan QR codes, do certificate scans, translate, and others.
  • Night Sight: Another favorite feature of Google Camera that can show all the best details and colors that disappear in the dark
  • Playground: This is a feature that serves to share images with bonus stickers. Portrait: It is a feature that plays a role in increasing the background blur or bokeh.

#2 Camera 360 – Newest Camera App 2020

Surely you are not familiar with this one Best Camera Application?? because the camera application has a Cool Camera feature that you can use.

Aaahh, that’s it, we don’t have to explain anymore about the features that are available… well, it’s rich, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of this 360 Camera.

The application was once booming and became a camera application that was installed by almost many people. Because the features in it are very sophisticated and you can adjust your skin tone and refine your face using this camera.

But it only applies to pictures huh..

#3 Open Camera – Best Camera Apk

Best Camera App
Best Camera App

This Best Camera application is no less great than other camera applications. Because the application has been tested and is suitable for those of you who like to adjust camera settings. Moreover, because of the sophistication of the Open camera application, it is almost similar to a DSLR camera.

Not only that, this application is still being developed by the maker of the application. Can you imagine it, if this Cool Camera continues to be updated and what will it be like if it is updated continuously?? Wow, let’s go to the application information, don’t even think about it, hurry up and install it hehehe.

Cool Camera Information Open Camera

The size of this open camera application is perfect for you and very light if you want to install this open camera application. The size that is still set is 1.59 Mb. Yes, if you round it up to 1.6MB, it’s okay
Unfortunately the application is still not updated and it says it is still in the process of being updated, and the last update was released at the end of 2013

Okay, here are the advantages of the Open Camera Application.

The main advantage of the Open Camera application itself is the “Auto Stabilize” feature, so it’s really suitable for those of you who like to take pictures or record scenery, because there is a stabilizing feature when we want to take pictures.
Timer feature. Yes, like a camera in general, we don’t need to explain anymore hehe.
Panorama, maybe not a few cellphones have this panorama feature.

So the Good Camera Application is perfect for those of you who like to take cinematic videos, because of the features that can stabilize the object you want to take. How is it still lacking? ok go on.

The next application is the one you have been waiting for for a long time hahaha. The reason is that the application is very rare and not many people know, even though the features in it can surprise you. Not many people know about it yet.

Good Isn’t Cool Camera Recommendation Android Apk ??

So much information about the best camera applications that we recommended earlier. Interesting right ?? let’s hurry up and install it now before many know and even you are affected by your friend’s ignorant effect.

Oh, forgot one more thing.. You can install it directly on the Play Store or Appstore. Hopefully it’s useful and see you again…. For the Transparent Camera Screen application, you can download it directly via the link we have provided here.

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