This is the Full HD Movie Watch Application for Android and iOS, Install Now

Best Movie Watching Programs – Nowadays, watching movies or tv series is like a routine that cannot be separated from our daily activities.

Along with the changing times, watching movies now doesn’t always have to be in the cinema. Simply by using the program or website you can enjoy your favorite series to your favorite movies.

Watching movies is indeed an activity that is most suitable to be carried out when you want to relax or just to fill your spare time. Are you one of those people who like to watch movies?
If so, this time, Klikprint will discuss several programs that can be used to view your favorite latest tv series or box office using a cellphone.

It can be emphasized that the program I describe here is a legal program and you can freely view it without worrying about copyright issues, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to watch movies.

List of Best Movie Watching Programs

Movie viewing programs have now become one of the interlude programs for those of you who want to see movies at home, or with some of the closest people. Watching movies is an activity that is most suitable for releasing tiredness, but watching movies at the cinema every day is quite wasteful too.

Fortunately, now you can watch movies easily using a program that you can access with your mobile phone. Can’t worry! The following references to the best free movie watching programs are legally accessible! Want to know what the list is? Read the explanation below!

1. Netflix

Netflix is ​​the largest film and TV series streaming service provider in the world. There are many good films and series that you can sample through this Netflix program. Not only providing movies and series, Netflix even has their own films and series which they broadcast on a limited basis on this basis.

You can download the link here

You can watch your favorite movies for free for 30 days with a Free Trial by registering using a credit card in this program to watch movies on netbooks and mobile phones. Then, you are free to choose whether you want to continue to subscribe or maybe not.

2. MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is the best movie viewing program for Android base. As the title implies, this program provides several choices of movies with HD quality which of course is of very good quality. This program allows you to be able to stream see your favorite TV series and the latest famous movies.

What’s good about this program is the filter mechanism that you can use to select TV series or movies according to their ratings and reputation levels. In this program there are also tv shows from various countries and of course you can choose the type of viewing according to your taste

3. HD Cinema Box

Streaming Film
Streaming Film

As the name of the application implies, Cinema Box HD is the best free movie viewing program that features HD quality movie streaming and downloads of various well-known tv series. It’s not enough to get there, you can also see top popular films such as Avengers, Conjuring, and various other types of films whose types you can search for as you wish.

If you want to save on packages and watch offline, you can first download your favorite movies and watch movies without fear of buffering and lack of packages. Not much different from the YouTube program, this program also provides a special channel for those of you who like to watch MV (Music Video) from your favorite vocalist or band.


HOOQ is a video on demand streaming service provider program that has been legally working in the country. In this program, you will find several choices of films and tv series that you can watch to your heart’s content. There are tv series from within or outside the country.

You can also choose the same film according to the type and which has become popular lately. No need to worry about the quality, the films in the HOOQ program are HD and of course good.

5. TV terrarium

Terrarium TV is a program to watch the best movies and the latest variety of TV series on mobile phones. This program that just existed a few years ago has the feature of streaming and downloading your favorite movies with the best quality such as the famous series Walking Dead or Games Of Thrones and there are many others.

You can also watch the latest movies that are no less great, because this program will update the movies and their quality to meet the user’s needs for the latest movies that have good quality. You shouldn’t be afraid that you won’t know when you see a movie, because Terrarium TV has also provided more than 20 types of subtitles.

So for those of you who want to see movies but are often confused because there is no translation, you can try to watch movies using this program.

6. Attraction Box

This much-discussed movie watching program has features that are no less great than other programs. This ShowBox program offers the best box office movies and tv series from various countries around the world for free.

You will feel at home for a long time watching movies from this program because this program has interesting features that will make the experience of watching movies feel happier. You can download the ShowBox program which is already on the official website and you can also download movies and watch them off-line.

7. Flipps TV

This movie watching program has been launched since 2014. Not only to see the latest movies, this program also provides services to view video clips and live sport moments.

The Flipps TV program also provides plenty of good quality anti-mainstream movies that some may not recognize. Not only that, for those of you who are too bothered to watch tv and pass the latest information every day, you will get information from sources whose credibility is truly the most trusted, such as the BBC or CNN and others complete with videos that have been prepared.

8. iflix

If you are looking for a program to watch legal Indo sub films like Netflix, you can try downloading this program called iflix.

The iflix application has worked together with several film production houses to broadcast its films on a limited basis in this program. For example, the film The New Rich, A Love Letter to Starla, and there are many other films returned.

9. Viu

On the next list, Viu can be an option for those of you who like watching Korean soap operas. In fact, this Viu program provides many other Japanese and Asian soap operas. Not only that, this program also provides several well-known series and films from neighboring countries, such as Malaysia to India. This movie watching program is legal, really.

This Viu program also includes an application to watch Thai films with Indo sub which has other Asian film and soap opera content for free. However, you have to be a premium user to be able to connect to exclusive content on Viu.

10. Amazon First

Amazon is a technology company from the United States that focuses on the e-commerce sector. Similar to Google, Amazon’s efforts have also now entered everywhere.

Since 2006, Amazon has a streaming service called Amazon Prime Video. This movie watching program has many titles that you can watch. Because it comes from the US the same as Netflix, the price to be able to subscribe to this program is quite expensive.

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