6 Best Photo Editing apps2022

If you are not happy with the results of camera shots that look ordinary or want to adjust the level of brightness, contrast, until the goal so that the image is as desired. You need to take a photo correction program that is currently available free of charge for mobile phones. Each of these programs, of course, has special features that you can use to make your photos more attractive.

Best Editing apps

Therefore, here are the references for the 6 best photo correction appsin 2022.

1. Photoshop Flash

Photoshop Flash as the best photo correction program specifically for mobile phones that has a simple and minimalist appearance. This program is equipped with various basic features such as crop, straighten, rotate, and flip photos. In addition, this program allows you to carry out a simple conversion process with great results.

Besides being equipped with a variety of basic features, Photoshop Flash is equipped with one-touch filters, various effects and colors, auto final, frames, noise reduction to image rendering engines that can be used to change photos with large resolutions.

2. Snapseed

If you want to correct photos via tablet or iPad, this program is right for you to try. Generally, photo correction appsare only intended for some mobile phone users, or in other words, they cannot be used on tablets or iPads. Because there is a Snapseed program, you can definitely use this program to make corrections on your tablet, iPad or mobile phone.

Snapseed has been equipped with a variety of interesting features and of course most of the basic features for photo correction are in this program, such as setting contrast, saturation, brightness level, and filters. Snapseed filters are also quite diverse, namely Grunge, Retrolux, Vintage, Sinetron, Black and White. There are built-in presets that you can use to beautify your photos with just one click.

3. PicsArt

This PicsArt program is a well-known and often used correction program because it provides the most complete features and of course it’s easy to use.

There are all the basic features for photo correction, plus a variety of effects and filters that you can use to make your photos more interesting. Not only that, you can use PicsArt to make complete photo collages with additional features such as frames, clipart, and hundreds of stickers made by PicsArt users.


Surely you are familiar with this program. VSCO is a well-known photo correction program that is often used by Instagramers and photographers around the world because of its good and professional-looking filters or presets.

This VSCO program is easy to use because it has a minimalist and simple appearance. There are various filters or presets that you can use to optimize your photos to make them look more professional and attractive.

5. AirBrush

AirBrush is one photo correction program that is worth trying. This program provides a variety of attractive filter options. AirBrush has a simple interactive interface.

For those of you who want to look more beautiful but still natural, you can take advantage of cool features such as make-up, remove acne, whiten teeth, change hair color and lipstick, to change skin color type.

6. Adobe Lightroom

Best Editing Apps

Adobe Lightroom as one of the appsthat you can use for photo correction to make it look optimal and professional with of course very good quality. Adobe Lightroom provides several presets that you can use without the hassle of starting corrections or adjusting one by one.

You can download the application here.

7. Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary as a side of Adobe. This photo editor program comes with the most intuitive interface design. Users will be presented with a number of interesting features such as color adjustments, sharpness, vignette tweaks, lighting, and concentration.

Having the motto “Serious photo correction. Made for fun”, this program is free to download by android and iOS mobile users. Overall, Aviary allows the user to modify various types of photos with various tools with just one tap—just like a pro.

8. Pixlr Express

Are you often bothered by small spots in your camera shots? Just install Pixlr Express. This program, which can be installed for free on Android and iOS phones, offers various editing features, one of which is to remove the effect of flash on images.

In addition to having easy-to-use tools, the Pixlr Flash program is equipped with a number of additional features similar to those found in Photoshop, including pencils, posters, sketches, and halftones.

9. Photolab

This program has more than 800 effects that are ready to beautify your photos, such as realistic photomontages, fashionable photo filters, beautiful frames, creative artistic effects, to photo collages. Equipped with an intuitive and simple interface design, Photolab is free on Playstore and Apple Store for mobile users.

10. YouCam Perfect

Finally there is YouCam Perfect which is called a free photo editing program with no less quality results. The program has various features such as one-touch filters, photo crop and rotation, mosaic pixelates to give a blur effect on the background, vignette, and HDR.

There are also Face Reshaper, Eye Bag Remover, and Body Slimmer tools that give a slimmer and thinner effect on the face/body.

That’s a list of the best free photo editing appsfor Android and iPhone 2022. Which one do you like the most?

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