9 Tips How to build online trading platforms psychology big wins continue!

The three pillars said by Alexander elder are about online trading platforms psychology or mindset about money management or risk management and about online trading platforms methods.

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we are online trading platforms people who often only relate or keep looking for the third thing. But you need to know that there is one thing from the three pillars that friends will find difficult to learn. Of the three things that you can’t find in training classes are…

Studying online trading platforms psychology for real, friends might be able to get a calculator.

It’s easy, friends, you can make it in Excel or you can get a method, lots of methods that can be scattered everywhere.

But one thing friends can’t just learn about online trading platforms psychology. Because this is something you have to learn almost for the rest of your life in online trading platforms.

What we cannot study is psychology. Because every trader is unique. Everyone who trades has their own personality. So if you standardize it in the text book, it’s not certain that it’s suitable for trader A, it’s not necessarily suitable for trader B, it could be suitable for trader C.

Trader A and trader B, even though they have the same method, use the same strategy and may use the same risk management, but often they don’t make the same profit.

Friends attend the training class, all get the same method, the same set-up but when applying it on the field the results can be different. Friends often see that.

Take an example in our daily lives of friends who know or have identical twins, meaning that twins are almost the same. But they, although identical twins, have different personalities. Definitely have differences in those things maybe, work thing and appetite. When it comes to personality, they can be different people.

In the same way, we say stock online trading platforms using the same method can produce different results because the uniqueness of each individual makes psychology difficult for us to learn or teach.

  • Too greedy

How to handle emotions, avoid fear when prices are rising. It was as if adrenaline was rising, my friends’ eyes immediately widened with enormous size.

Someone who trades must be familiar that don’t chase, wait for him to be in the best position. But what happened on the field? Many who are too greedy end up losing.

Lessons about how not to be too greedy or greedy control greed in many ways, but its application in the field becomes something different when friends are young.

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  • Emotion control

There is a part of our brain called the amygdala whose function is to control emotions. The will power in terms of seeking challenges is greater than what we are today. It’s the same with newbie traders. When their emotions are exploding. There are levels and curves where each level of a trader’s journey is different.

Friends must know about the ranking or levels where traders are. Knowing this we know what to do. When emotions hit when we often act irrationally. All the online trading platforms plans that we had planned from the start were disbanded. When the market is panicking, everything is called stop loss, online trading platforms plan. Because these emotions can occur from the whole experience.

  • Emotions can occur because traders do not believe

Just like when we were young we were told that fire is hot. Because he doesn’t believe what adults say.

We are stuck in fear, in greedy because we don’t believe in the online trading platforms system. Those who haven’t experienced this online trading platforms system have a large winning index. Have a winning index that can make us consistently profitable.

  • Psychology or mindset must be formed in the field.

So if you only study theory, never practice, it’s the same. It will only be a text book.

Trading with logic, online trading platforms with data, must be formed when traders face real problems in the field.

  • Record every experience

When friends are stuck learning it. Why am I stuck in the note. When winning friends note that. Why can I profit consistently.

Traders have to face real problems related to psychology that cannot be simply taught in training classes.

  • Fear of missing out

Trading with logic, don’t chase prices that are momentum, prices that are parabolic, prices that are running, don’t chase them. What are we doing? will i miss?

Even though my friends already know not to chase them, they will definitely chase them, it doesn’t matter if they make another mistake.

There is a saying that if you do wrong, spend your mistakes when you are young but don’t do it again when you are old or nearing completion.

It’s the same as our daily life, don’t differentiate between daily life and online trading platforms, there’s no difference, my friends. Because in online trading platforms, the invoice inside is human emotion.

Those who click, buy and sell are humans. What happens in everyday life happens in online trading platforms too.

  • Don’t repeat the same mistake

Trading when we are at a more advanced level, we see our mistakes when we are still newbies, friends will see that I was really stupid before.

Trading with a plan is not easy to make us disciplined and committed, it’s not easy but it can be. As long as friends want to practice and learn it.

Our track record. Use notes for us to do a review to make us understand. Be aware of not repeating it again with discipline with a commitment not to repeat things that make us wrong.

Friends will indirectly make it a habit. It becomes a habit, friends, if you continue, it will become a lifestyle for friends.

  • Trading intuition

When a good lifestyle has been formed, friends will subconsciously think that I can’t participate in things like this and that. Our online trading platforms system appears, our intuition has started to run.

This is not a matter of feelings or feelings that have no basis. Intuition is due to habit because of the habits that we build so that it gives birth to our online trading platforms intuition. We can automatically know this. I don’t participate in this. I have to follow.

I hope that with all this friends will finally understand. At least traders can start preparing to level up from newbies to junior traders.

Are friends ready or already aware of this?

  • Practice online trading platforms psychology friends in real action in online trading platforms friends.

Write it down, evaluate, review and try not to repeat the same thing. So that it can become a habit, a lifestyle, a habit in online trading platforms friends, so that it gave birth to my online trading platforms intuition in online trading platforms friends.

So this time, I hope it’s useful, please like share and comment!

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