These are the interesting features of the Whatsapp apps that you may not know

With the development of technology today, we can send news only through box objects (smartphones) that can be carried anywhere. with that we can send news in just one second and even milliseconds the message we send can reach its destination.

Whatsapp apps

Unlike in the past, when giving news to distant relatives, it could take days or even weeks for the letter to arrive, especially now that we can use the video call feature, which allows us to know the face of the person we are contacting. very interesting isn’t it?

But what we want to discuss is not something like that, we will discuss features that you can use to make news more interesting and even more. what are these features? Here we have summarized it, read it and read it to the end, so you don’t regret it hehehe…

One of them is the emoji feature or image design that can express our mood and even what activities we want to do and more, very interesting, isn’t it a feature that can be used in WhatsApp?

the article is that with one of these features we can very easily express ourselves without the need to hide in our hearts, is it just that the apps features of this whatsapp? Of course not, there are many more features that you can use in this apps.

Then what are the most interesting features in the Whatsapp apps?

Here earlier we have told you one of the features that you can use in the WhatsApp apps, if you want to know more what are the features in the WhatsApp apps and are even very rarely known by people?

Moreover, we have fully summarized the features that attract your attention and can even be useful for you, what are the features? You can see various features that you can use here.

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