Online Gold Investment Applications for Beginners

Previously, we discussed how to easily invest in gold safely. Well, now, we will provide application recommendations for credible online gold investments with the best features.

Relax, these applications have been officially registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to provide online gold investment services so that the legality is clear. Curious who they are? Here’s the list.

LM safe

The first is an application from Antam for online gold investment. As we know, Antam is a very credible gold producer from the government. It has a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) certificate so you can sell your gold on the world market.

To open an account, you must visit one of the nearest Antam boutiques. Safe LM imposes an administration fee according to the type of membership so you have many choices. Check more in the following table.

Digital Pawnshop

Pegadaian Digital is touted as a pioneer of online gold saving methods. If you have never used the services of a pawnshop, maybe you have no experience in saving gold here. But, don’t worry, at Pegadaian Digital, you can apply cheap gold investments online.

The reason is, you will not be charged an account opening fee and a gold deposit fee in the first year or IDR 0. Meanwhile, to open an account, you only need to deposit IDR 50,000 to fill the initial balance.


Indogold under PT Indogold Solusi Gadai is a company that has been active in the investment industry since 1978. Indogold also has an online application for gold investment starting from IDR 10,000 with no administration fees.

Indogold itself provides options for cash disbursement of gold or printing of pure gold produced by Antam or UBS. Indogold itself is also affiliated with marketplaces and digital wallets such as Bukalapak, DANA, OVO, Gopay, Link Aja, and the like.


Pluang is an online application for gold investment under PG Berjangka. PG Futures itself has been registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (BAPPEBTI). Currently, Pluang is aggressively branding to attract young people to start investing.

At Pluang, you only need to prepare IDR 5,000 to start saving gold and free of additional fees. Pluang itself also collaborates with marketplace products such as Tokopedia Emas and Go Investasi to expand its services.

Tokopedia Gold and Shopee Gold Savings

To expand its services, Pegadaian collaborates with various marketplaces, namely Tokopedia and Shopee. At Tokopedia, you only need to top-up starting from IDR 5,000. While at Shopee, you can buy it at a much cheaper price, which is only Rp. 500.

Online Gold


The purchase price will be equated with the amount of grams of gold. After buying, the gold you have will be stored in the Pawnshop system which can also be withdrawn at any time.


Attracting marketplaces to cooperate is not only done by Pegadaian, but also Indogold. BukaEmas, which is a Bukalapak product, is the result of a collaboration with Indogold.

This service can be said to have the lowest top-up fee of IDR 100 for 0.0001 gram of gold. BukaEmas also has a gold printing feature that can be sent directly to your address.

Go Investment

The last recommended online gold investment application is GoInvest from Gojek. Go Investment itself is managed by PG Berjangka, so the legality is clear. In addition to a license from BAPPEBTI from PG Berjangka, Go Investasi has also received a Digital Gold sharia license from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

In Go Investasi, you only need to spend Rp. 8,464 for 0.01 gram of gold. For gold disbursement, you can exchange gold for cash through Gopay or Antam’s gold printing.

That’s the recommendation of the best digital application for online gold investment. Gold investment can also be used as an option other than mutual fund investments, which are many choices for beginners. In addition to legality, purchase fees, and administrative fees, make sure you also consider the supporting features that make your transactions comfortable. Happy investing!

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