online trading platforms Will Not Make You Rich Doing This 5! Listen Next!

When we are online trading platforms, we are always looking for moves or strategies that other successful traders have done, maybe we see on YouTube, we look for Telegram, in stock communities.

online trading platforms

What’s their final move?
Then you think, how come he can continue to profit? I want to use that method too!

Friends can get the trick or maybe you go to a lot of online trading platforms seminars and get the trick. After that, you try to test the application in online trading platforms. Maybe what happens is that you are online trading platforms profitably for a while, but suddenly your online trading platforms is no longer profitable. Why??

When you feel that online trading platforms is no longer profitable, what do you do? You start to worry, start to falter, that it turns out that this online trading platforms method is not good. So friends start looking for another online trading platforms method, friends start looking for another online trading platforms strategy and just keep repeating it. That’s what we call the CYCLE OF DOOM!

Many unavoidable things happen, you will start your online trading platforms method by changing it, and then go around and round, the cycle of doom.

Every online trading platforms strategy will definitely go through a period of defeat. But you are doubtful, starting to doubt the strategy being used at this time.

Then try another strategy, your mentality starts to shrink making it farther from success, small changes to strategy, and going again using another way. When it did start making money, the same thing happened, started losing money again. Eventually, after lots of tinkering you will completely lose faith in that online trading platforms strategy. You will throw it away, and you will find another strategy.

Every trader who is just starting to do what is called online trading platforms, must have done a lot of testing trading platforms. Trying to use many strategies and then looking for indicators A to Z. There are many examples, for example, there are MACD indicators, RSI to strange indicators. After trying online trading platforms to test it all and combine it if you can, if not?

online trading platforms

At this time friends are still looking, during this time you are very insecure. In trading platforms, this is where friends can use the method that has been applied to action trading platforms, friends.

How do you think this method fits? Then my friends started doing it again, maybe the results were rather good, if the results were not satisfactory why didn’t it work? Finally what? Look for another way, just keep playing, finally..?

None of my friends’ trades made any money!
That’s why the title of this article is that traders can never get rich! Because..

They continue to move where the method. There is no progress even though it feels that there may be a slight profit, there may be a profit, but over time it becomes a loss very quickly!

So what you need to do is test your trading platforms method, that is, do it at a minimum, which is a comparison between profit and loss.

How many times have you won and how many times have you lost. It doesn’t mean that if there are ten losses and one time profit, it means that this method doesn’t work. No No!

You have to pay attention to there are 5 things that are certain in online trading platforms.

  1. Big wins
  2. Small wins
  3. BEP (Break Event Point)
  4. Small losses
  5. Big losses

Back test, all you need to eliminate is the big loss, you still have four other opportunities. Do you want to continue or not with this trading platforms method?

Each  trading platforms method must have advantages and disadvantages. What friends have to look for are the weaknesses where the strengths are, once friends know the weaknesses, when the market situation matches the weaknesses of this online trading platforms method, friends, don’t trade.

Now, when market trading platforms meets the advantages of the trading platforms method used by friends, then this is the time for you to do what is called a big harvest.

Once you know where your weaknesses are, where your strengths are, you will definitely be able to adjust yourself to find a online trading platforms market that suits your current conditions.

It’s okay to try many trading platforms methods, but you should be able to focus on only one method that you are most good at.

The indicators match at different moments, so if possible, don’t master one indicator. The important thing is good flying hours and money management.

This cycle of doom is experienced by all traders so he will never get rich. He will never earn from trading platforms.

So stop looking for online trading platforms methods but focus on your trading platforms method which is the most suitable for you and you have mastered it. Look for the weaknesses, look for the strengths. Once friends know, focus on markets that suit your strengths ri your method.

The point is only two, money management and psychology are the most important things in trading platforms. Because the enemy in online trading platforms is actually the mind to want to get rich quick, that’s what covers the mind so it can’t be clear in reading the market.

online trading platforms does require technical skills and knowledge, but it is also important to have soft skills, namely emotional intelligence, self-mastery, managing emotions and thoughts. Understand our character.

Analyze, calculate, prepare capital, then take action, always learn from every change and problem you’ve ever faced, when you lose, try again, never give up! You can do it!

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